Wildlife of Gosport, Hampshire and Beyond!

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Welcome to my blog! My aim is to showcase the amazing diversity of wildlife in my home town of Gosport, in the county of Hampshire (on the English south coast) – as well as that of neighbouring counties or other places I may happen to visit. Gosport is one of the most densely populated urban centres in Hampshire, but within its 27 square kilometres it contains significant areas of semi-natural habitats rich in wildlife. These include a river valley with fen and reedbed, ancient woodland, heathland, acid grassland, saltmarsh and coastal vegetated shingle. The urban environment is also surprisingly rich in species and a fascinating habitat in its own right.

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· 2017 ·

December 2016 summary was posted on 2nd March. I will be working on January and February 2017 summaries very soon. Watch this space!